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January 1981 _ Political Correctness well entrenched in Military Police.

Female Platoon Leader constantly screwing-up _ constantly covered-up by Provost Marshal Colonel Weinstein.

Platoon Leader dereliction of duty resulted in murder of fourteen [14] year old girl at Fort Lewis.

On the crime scene the serial killer returned to view his kill.

Collins had him at gunpoint.

Female Platoon Leader placed herself between subject and Collins.

In the confusion the subject escaped.

A few minutes later someone realized Collins had been correct. Military Police had been looking for this individual for four [4] months in connection to a series of dead bodies at Fort Lewis.

Provost Marshal Colonel Weinstein wanted a cover-up to protect his career and career of female platoon leader.

Collins refused to cooperate.

July 1981 _ LTC Stephens and Provost Marshal Colonel Weinstein set Collins up with known unreliable patrol partner.

Collins was ordered to respond to an assault. The mission was bogus.

Collins was immediately assaulted by a large black soldier whom gained control of his .45 pistol.

Patrol partner ran away leaving Collins to fend for himself.

Not your standard Hollywood fight. Assailant and Collins were swinging wildly, not connecting, tripping over their own feet, scratching, clawing, landing the occasional  punch.

Collins won the fight by good luck.

The assailant did not spend a single night in jail.

Provost Marshal Colonel Weinstein personally shredded Collins patrol report.

Collins was relieved of duty.

Patrol partner was promoted to plain clothes investigator.

September 1981 _ Six Rangers and attached Warrant Officer were murdered in mole operation [verified 1997 DIA source].

October 1981 _ Collins was ordered to replace murdered Ranger medic.

Facebook _ Others have previously questioned how a Military Policeman can replace a Medic.

Collins had five [5] MOS' [Military Occupational Specialties] and worked as mission required in six [6] other arenas.

December 2, 1981 _ Collins parachute failed to fully function on night jump _ resulting in severely broken leg, injuries to spine, hip, neck, three hernias, two black eyes, and bleeding from right ear.

December 3, 1981 _ Eight hours after parachute failed Collins _ on surgical ward _ helpless in bed _ was overdosed on Demerol and hot-load of Morphine _ died _ resuscitated by crash team [September 1997 _ DIA officer confirmed Collins was individually targeted in mole operation].

August 1982 _ Collins was transferred to Germany on reduced paper trail _ without assignment [senior personnel have "direct" assignment].

September 1982 _ Collins was framed by Special Forces and Military Intelligence.

Acquitted [January 1983] in General Court Martial.

June 1983 _ Special Forces and Military Intelligence _ through Pierce County Sheriff framed Collins for rape to ruin his reputation and credibility as a witness.

January 1984 _ State documents that Collins did not commit a rape was not allowed in evidence at judge-only _ Military Intelligence controlled "civil" trial.

July 1993 _ Collins ex-attorney [foreign-born intelligence officer]  Sverre O. Staurset admitted ...

[1] _ He participated in framing Collins for rape [1983] to ruin his reputation and credibility as a witness.

[2] _ He accepted three bribes [1985 _ 1988 _ 1989] not to properly represent Collins and not sue the state.

Feburary 1995 _ Probation Officer Gallegos informed Collins,
"The Governor Lowry investigation into your case opened a real can of worms in Olympia."

January 14, 1997 _ Pierced County Superior Court _ Probation Officer Gallegos,
"Your honor it was a million-to-one fluke Mr. Collins was charged with this crime."

August 21, 1997 _ Viafore in personal vendetta, ignored superior court order, without authority, through the back door, registered Collins as a Level 1 Registered Sex Offender [for life] to influence City Council vote ... in the belief City Council would force Collins to leave Fircrest.

August 23, 1997 to current date [1997 to 2017] _ Influential and powerful Washington State politicians have blocked Collins constitutional right to be represented by an attorney [to prevent lawsuit against State of Washington].
Dan L. Collins
US Army SFC (retired)
Military Intelligence - Military Police
TS Level 3 Shutdown DED DED
Access Major Generals & Above With Need To Know
Pentagon Pacific Rim Trouble Case
Fircrest Washington - City of Cowards
In 1992 _ Paradise Parkway neighbor David Viafore "wanna-be tough-guy" picked a fight with Collins.

Collins ex-attorney _ foreign-born intelligence officer Sverre O. Staurset [CYA Mode] and unidentified Federal Agent publicly  embarrassed Viafore in court at Fircrest City Hall in front of seven witnesses.

Viafore was publicly chastised,

"Leave Dan Collins alone!"

Note: _ Presiding judge [Peterson] was in conflict of interest as he was involved in 1988 cover-up when six prisoners attempted to kill Collins during fraudulent Military Intelligence civil confinement.

Judge Peterson was also involved in bribing Collins attorney to cover-up the murder attempt, and guards refusal to administer immediate medical care in order to conduct "emergency" butt-covering meeting.

In denial of his own misconduct Viafore declared a personal vendetta against Collins [1992-2017].

Viafore planned, sanctioned, executed intimidation raids at Collins residence destroying Collins personal property, vandalizing flower beds, ripping saplings out of the ground, running over mail box with pick-up truck, opening gates so dogs would get out [and be lost], poisoned two dogs, sanctioned neighbors to participate in harassment, threats, including death threats, property damage...

Viafore's corrupt police department covered-up crimes and several times read Collins [crime victim] "his" Miranda Rights.[see Kenoyer left under photo].
Tacoma News Tribune June 27, 2003

“Mayor Viafore Broke the Law”   

“He has his tentacles throughout the whole police department”

Jim Kenoyer, Fircrest Police Chief
“Mayor Viafore Broke the Law”    Tacoma News Tribune June 27, 2003

“He has his tentacles throughout the whole police department”

Jim Kenoyer, Fircrest Police Chief
“He has his tentacles throughout the whole police department”       No More Viafore

“He rules by intimidation,"

“It’s just amazing that in a small town like that, you have so many people shaking in their boots.”

Viafore misused
$12,500 city funds to investigate himself, and censored the report.

Viafore, city council, and city manager,
covered-up the investigation results for nine months because he was running for reelection.

Viafore embarrassed and “professionally abused” staff members during public meetings...

“It’s interpretation. I’m Italian. I gesture. If someone takes it as public humiliation, then personally, they have a problem.”

“They can’t beat me at the ballots,” Viafore said. 

“So they’ll try and beat me with technicalities.” [ Rules _ Laws _ RCW’s ].

“He has his tentacles throughout the whole police department”

Viafore bullied staff members and the council to get what he wanted.

“There were instances when I thought he’d explode out of his skin,”

“It was ugly - the screaming, hollering.”

“The day he got re-elected, I carried my resignation letter into the deli and handed it to him,”

“It was very difficult for me, as city manager, to effectively manage city while David was mayor,”

“If the punishment is not quick enough and not severe enough, anybody [ Viafore ] who has done something wrong will continue doing the exact same thing because they’ve felt no pain,”

“There have been improper governmental actions as defined in the city’s personnel policies and procedures manual and the city’s whistle-blower protection act program.”

“There’s no excuse to feign I didn’t know or nobody told me, none of us can say we didn’t know.”

“If the law doesn’t allow me [ Viafore ] to do what I’m doing now, then the law is broken.”

By the way the law does not give authority to “ceremonial ribbon-cutting mayors” to exceed their authority ... such as justifying settling a personal vendetta [ignoring superior court order] by registering anyone as a registered sex offender through the back door.

Viafore said...
“If the law doesn’t allow me to do what I’m doing now, then the law is broken.”
Police Code of Ethics
City Hall - Police - Neighbors Conspiracy
City Hall - Police - Neighbors Conspiracy
City Hall - Police - Neighbors Conspiracy
Viafore - Manipulation - Violations
City Hall - Policed - Neighbors Conspiracy
Meeting Rescheduled By Viafore
PC & Web Sites Hacked  ... Working On It  ...  Payback Coming ... "More" Information Listed Below ...

I will publish multiple Fircrest City Hall Corruption  [ Viafore ] Tacoma News Tribune articles ...

A few dozen photos of Viafore sanctioned property destruction [ my residence ] ...

Several dozens copies of Fircrest City Hall &
Viafore's Police Department documents
[ provided by whistle blowers ] originals purged by Viafore ...

Tacoma News Tribune exchange of multiple emails scheduling interview at my residence ...

Viafore stood at the end of his driveway [ three doors from my residence ] for 47 minutes to be certain the reporter did not arrive for my [ Viafore corruption interview ] ...

Reporter later exchanged emails denying she knew who I was ...

I will publish copy of the email [ Viafore's hacker ] boasting he hacked four of my credit cards and my Key Bank account to prevent me from conducting Fircrest- Mass Mail to voters in the 2007 election ...

Department of Corrections refused to register me as a sex offender ... Superior Court did not order me to register as a sex offender ... Pierce County Sheriff did not "rock the boat" ...

I will publish the Registered Sex Offender RCW [ 1997 ] and Viafore's "edited" personal "take" on how the RCW should be interpreted "for his personal use" on the [ unauthorized ] order from Fircrest Police Chief Kenoyer to immediately register as a sex offender or be arrested ... [ Details and documents soon to be published ... ].

Reference RCW above ...

“If the law doesn’t allow me [ Viafore ] to do what I’m doing now, then the law is broken.”

“Mayor Viafore Broke the Law” Tacoma News Tribune June 27, 2003  

“He [ Viafore ] has his tentacles throughout the whole police department”

Jim Kenoyer, Fircrest Police Chief

Fircrest City Council Candidate Forum _ October 18, 2017

Updated September
16, 2017 ... Working on future updates ...

I live on Paradise Parkway ... So does Viafore, Gustin, Foss [ All Connected to Fircrest City Hall ] ...

Phone company repair reported five [ 5 ] lines on Paradise Parkway spliced into my residence phone.

Exchanged emails with phone company.  Repair called it a "Mares -Nest" of wiring that took 2 1/2 hours to repair.

Viafore & "associates" __ "knew" home owner and I would be out of the residence for several hours [ Dog to Vet ].

During our absence "Viafore's" thugs kicked-in our door .......... "Terrorized" my dogs [ locked in kitchen ] ... Stole safe they believed contained 20 years evidence of Viafore civil rights crimes, and felony crimes targeting me.

They took the wrong safe ...

Five [ 5 ] feet away was the [ unlocked ] safe containing the information Viafore sent his thugs to "confiscate" ....

Contents Of Safe Moved To Secure Location ...

Photos Below: _ Viafore's Police Department was not happy with me when I reported the burglary.

Damaged gas line was just inches from furnace pilot light [ A careless person might get killed turning on the furnace ].
July 13, 2017 Burglary
July 13, 2017 Burglary
July 13, 2017 Burglary
Burglar Attempted Gas Leak
Dan L. Collins
US Army SFC (retired)
Military Intelligence - Military Police